Kracie - Hadabisei Balancing 3D Mask Calendula 3 pcs

Brand from Japan: Kracie. For the best skin without makeup in my history. Reward mask series that adjusts the moist balance of the skin and leads to skin that is hard to fluctuate. For unstable skin that is worried about dryness and stickiness depending on the day. For soft and fresh skin with moist balance care. Contains conditioning ingredients. Double skin conditioning ingredients. Penetration promoting ingredients. Fragrances, colorings, mineral oils, silicon, alcohol, sulfate-free. How to use: After carefully washing your face, condition your skin with a lotion to your liking. Take out the mask, hold the protruding part and spread it to the left and right. Put it on your forehead while paying attention to the position of your eyes, and align your eyes. From the nose to the cheeks, let the air out and make them stick together. Align the mouth and chin, and pull it upwards to bring them into close contact. Leave it for 5 to 15 minutes (about 20 minutes if you are more concerned about dry skin) before removing the mask. Apply the beauty essence left on your face by hand.

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